How To Keep Your Mac’s Uploads & Downloads Alive

Many Mac users have have problems keeping their uploads and downloads alive when they walk away from the computer. This has been an issue since at least Mountain Lion (OS X 10.8). Since the bug only affects a small subset of users, and their setups vary, it’s been hard to track down and fix. The bug can cause both wifi and ethernet connections to be dropped. read more

Solved! WordPress Text Below Ad Inserter Code Disappears

If you’re trying to monetize your site, Ad Inserter for WordPress is a really handy plugin to have. However, you may discover that some of the text of your posts disappear after using it. The solution is simple, but unexpected.

It used to be that all ad code was synchronous. That is, the ad code loaded in order along with everything else on the page, one item after the other. But this can cause problems when an ad holds up the loading of your content. read more