The Truth About How Much It Costs To Live In Costa Rica

When I tell people that my family lives in Costa Rica, they often respond with things like, “Yeah, I hear it’s really cheap there.”.

No, it’s not.

Overall, the cost of living is a bit lower than in the US. And you can live cheaply if you’re frugal and don’t mind a very basic lifestyle. But if you want the amenities that you have back home, you’ll be spending at least 60% of your usual budget, and possibly much, much more. read more

Costa Rica: Learn How To Activate Your Kölbi Phone Card + Tips

Traveling to Costa Rica? If your phone supports the Tico frequencies, you can get data, messages and local calling with just a SIM card and a pre-paid “tarjeta”. And if you sign up for Google Voice + Hangouts, you can make and receive free international calls using wifi! read more

How to Cross the Costa Rica / Panama Border at Rio Sereno

This tutorial will save you time, effort and hassle when traveling by land from Costa Rica to Panama and returning. The Rio Sereno border crossing is much, much less crowded than the Paso Canoas crossing, and it’s cheaper and easier to pass through by car. On the other hand, there’s not nearly as much to buy. read more