Mac: Schedule Automated Uploads/Syncs To Mega’s Cloud

Step 2

Click on the apple icon in the top left corner of your screen, and choose ‘System Preferences’, then click on ‘Energy Saver’. At bottom right of the next screen, click on the ‘Schedule’ button. Select the day(s) and time you want your computer to start up, and click ‘OK’.

You’ll want the time to be about 5 minutes before your upload starts, to ensure that your system finishes loading. Don’t forget that the date changes after midnight, so starting an upload in the wee hours of Saturday night means you’re actually scheduling it for Sunday. Now it’s time to tell the computer what to do after it boots.

Step 3

Open your Calendar program. Click on the first day you want the automated upload to happen. Go to the ‘File’ menu at the top, and choose ‘New Event’. Type “launch-mega” and hit the enter/return key.

You’ll see a New Event popup where you can specify details. In the right corner will be a colored square with a down arrow. Click on the arrow and choose the orange square. This will now become an Automator event. Enter your start time. Don’t forget that the date changes after midnight!. You’re done in Calendar. Now let’s choose what you want to upload and/or sync.

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