Learn How To Help A Candidate


Campaigns always need plenty of volunteers. This is generally the best way to help candidates. Common volunteer jobs include gathering petition signatures, manning literature tables at events, stuffing envelopes, speaking to organizations, making phone calls and block walking. Block walking is a door to door way of raising support by introducing your neighbors to a candidate and handing out literature.

One of the best ways to find out what’s needed is to attend a “meetup” for local supporters of your candidate.


House parties are a low-key way to fundraise that require few resources. Basically, they’re potlucks, but everyone pays to attend. Often, the candidate makes an appearance or calls via a speaker phone to greet everyone and to thank them for attending. House parties are also a great way to bring supporters together.

Rallies are more high-profile events. You’ll need to devote time and resources to publicity, but it can really pay off. Call or write to the candidate’s campaign office to coordinate with them, and to get help with planning and expenses. Be aware that many campaigns eventually find themselves unable to reimburse out-of-pocket expenses.

Most rallies feature the candidate, along with entertainment. You’ll need a venue, a stage (preferably covered) and a public address (PA) system capable of handling both speech and music. Entertainment is especially important for state and national candidates, since their hectic and unpredictable schedules often cause them to be late. Choose entertainers with a wide appeal. Many will be happy to support a worthy cause by working for free.

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