Learn How To Help A Candidate

The Texas State Capitol in Austin
The Texas State Capitol in Austin

The hallmark of any democracy is the ability (indeed, the duty) of its citizens to choose their representatives. In recent years, pollsters and pundits have taken a good deal of that choice away from us. Don’t let elections be decided before a single vote is cast. Take charge by supporting the candidates YOU want.


Before you can persuade others, you need to be able to answer their questions. If your candidate has any past political experience as an elected official, you can learn what they did at these sites:



Also be sure to keep an eye on your local newspaper, either online, or at the newsstand. They usually have the most in-depth local reporting, including on those critical ballot initiatives.


Campaigns are incredibly expensive to run. Corporations and special interest groups have taken advantage of this by helping candidates in the hope that favors will be repaid later. Times are tight, but if we all skipped a night out and donated that money instead, the grip of these powerful forces would begin to loosen.


Lawn signs and window signs do more than just advertise a candidate. They also remind people of upcoming elections and the need to vote.

First, check with your candidate’s nearest campaign office to see if they have signs available. If not, take a look at their website and see if they have signs that you can print out. If not, any graphics program will enable you to create a clear, attractive message. The bigger the sign is, the better people can read it while driving by.

Lawn signs require a few more steps. First, weatherproof it by completely sealing it with strips of clear packing tape.

Next, find two stakes. These can be just about anything sturdy… old plywood, rebar, fence stakes, tree branches and so on. Use your packaging tape to secure your sign to the stakes. Use at least four attachment points and wrap the tape all the way around the stakes, securing it to your sign on both sides.

Lastly, dig holes that are deep enough to keep your sign upright, even in rain. Pack the dirt tightly around the stakes once they’re buried.

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