Fight Depression! Learn How To Cheer Yourself Up

7. Loosely clasp your hands in front of you. Put your right foot slightly forward. Close your eyes. Now pretend you’re an opera singer. End with the longest opera singer-type note you can manage. Hold it until your breath runs out. It doesn’t matter if you stay in key or not. In fact, off-key is encouraged!

8. Once you get your breath back, try an R&B growl/shriek. It starts in your chest, ends somewhere above your head and is spelled something like “oowahhhowwwww!!!”. It might help to pretend that you’re a jungle cat. Don’t tense up while you’re doing your shriek or you’ll wind up with a sore throat. Just let ‘er rip!

9. Skip. Walk with long strides, but do a little bounce each time your foot hits the ground. Loosen up and swing your arms while you’re at it. You can get going pretty fast, so give yourself some room. It’s almost impossible to skip without smiling, and it’s also a fun way to get fit.

10. Try doing some kicks. Imitate the Rockettes and martial arts movies. (Not both at the same time, though.) It couldn’t hurt to throw in an “eeeeee-hah!” or “hiii- yah!” where appropriate.

11. When you’ve thoroughly exhausted yourself, flop down on the ground or a bed with your arms and legs out, cross your eyes & stick out your tongue.

12. Spend a few minutes giggling. Don’t get up again until you feel like it. If you wanna take a short nap, that’s ok, too. When you do stand, spend a minute or two stretching, yawning and, of course, sticking out your tongue.

This would be a good time to curl up with a good…errr…webpage. Read our ‘Giving Thanks‘ tutorial. It’s not just for Thanksgiving anymore!

Good work! Now wipe that grin off your face. Just kidding… We love it when you smile.  🙂

Originally published January 2003 in the One Smart Puppy newsletter, the subscriber-only companion to my old website, Knowledge Hound.

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