How To Make A Leela Costume (from Futurama)

Leela from Futurama
Futurama’s Leela as a cake topper

Everyone’s favorite one-eyed babe, Leela, is captain of the Planet Express spaceship on the animated series ‘Futurama’. Go solo as this sexy woman with attitude, or pair up with a Fry for a great couples’ ensemble. We’ll start with the basics, then move on to templates for Leela’s Wrist LoJack-a-mater and her giant eye!

To make your costume, you’ll need:

  • A purple, long-haired wig with bangs
  • Hair mousse or scrunchable hair spray
  • A white tank top
  • Tight black pants
  • A thick, black ponytail band
  • A Wrist LoJack-i-mater (Instructions below.)
  • Material to create Leela’s eye (Instructions below.)
  • A black permanent marker
  • Gray mid-calf or knee high flat-heeled boots. Stick or sew 2 black patches on the front of each boot for authenticity.
  • Optional: A space gun

Now for the details…

the “wrist thingy”, AKA wrist lojack-i-mator

Leela wears a gauntlet on her right arm. This is the Wrist Lojackimator. It functions as a scanner, tracking device, surgical laser, communicator, watch and gaming console (among other things). In fact, the Wrist-lojackamator can do whatever your story needs. Your imagination is the limit!

We’ve created a life-sized Wrist LoJack-a-mater template that you can print out to create the controls on top. To create the cuff, you can use a large styrofoam cup (just cut off the bottom!), paperclay or foam sheets. A side benefit of foam sheets is that you can also use them to create the controls, the pupil in Leela’s eye and her eyelashes. Stick-on velcro makes an easy and effective closure.

leela’s eye

Creating Leela’s eye presents a challenge. You need to be able to see through it, but you also want to hide your own eyes. Here’s several ways to accomplish this. (Note that instructions for creating Leela’s eyelashes are at the end of this tutorial.)

Method One: Get a plain white costume mask and a white pair of pantyhose. Cut open a leg of the hose and stretch it over the front of the mask. Glue the edges to the inside mask surface and cut off the excess.

Carefully use a permanent marker to draw a relatively small pupil in the center of the mask. (You can use our template as a guide).

Method Two: Buy a sheet of Vinyl-Weave 14-Count Cross Stitch Fabric. Use our template of Leela’s eye to draw and cut out the shape. Lastly, add a clear elastic band to attach the eye around your head.

Method Three: Use our template to make a frame for the eye out of a wire hanger. Attach white grip-style shelf liner. Create a pupil out of cardstock or foam, and glue it to the center of the eye.

For Eyelashes: Leela has six very long, thin, pointy eyelashes. You can create these using black cardstock and attach them using a strong contact cement. Be sure to attach your lashes to the back of your eye mask, or the glue will show. Another option is to draw Leela’s lashes right onto your face using face painting pencils.

Originally published October 2011 on my old website, Knowledge Hound.

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  1. Your template for the wrist thingy is not practical. How are we supposed to use the pattern to cut the shapes? Need a 2D template. 3D is just not possible.

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