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Have you ever used a voice command to dial a number on your mobile phone, but reached the wrong number? If your phone uses Google Contacts, you’ll always reach the first listed number for that contact. Unfortunately, getting the order right isn’t as easy as it should be.

Are you a Gmail user? When you send an email to someone who’s also listed in your Google Contacts, Gmail will use the first listed address. But what if the first one isn’t the one you wanted? The fix isn’t obvious, but it’s not hard to do. Street addresses can also be reordered using the following instructions.

Open your browser and go to Google Contacts. Open the card for the contact. Click the pencil icon in the top right corner to edit. Highlight the top number, email or address and cut it. (Use Ctrl+X or right-click and select “Cut”.)

Click the plus sign next to the lowest number, email or address. (To see addresses, you’ll probably have to click ‘More’ in the lower left of the popup window.) Paste what you copied into the new field. Don’t forget to re-add any labels (“Work”, “Home”, etc).

Now cut the number, email or address that you want in “first place”. Paste it into the now empty field at the top. Click “Save”. Your preferred selection should now be the top choice.

There’s no need to keep contact information that’s no longer valid. Just hover your cursor over the item that you don’t want. You’ll see an “x” inside a red circle show up to the right. Click on it to delete.

By the way, it’s worth checking out the many other fields available for each contact. Again, click on “More” at the bottom left of the card. You see room for street addresses, notes, birthdays and so on.

Just be aware that, if you add a birthday and also use Google Calendar, this will automatically add the birthday to your calendar. To avoid that issue, you can add the birthday to your Notes field instead. If you keep track of a lot of birthdays, consider creating a separate Birthdays calendar.

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