Learn How To Write A How-To

We see many how-tos every day. Some are written by professional writers, but most are written by people just like you. Tutorials are a way of passing on your knowledge and giving something back to the community. The tips below will help you to create instructional articles that are easy to read and understand, whether they’re on paper or online. read more

Learn How To Remember Your Dreams

Many people complain that they can’t remember their dreams. Some even claim that they don’t have dreams, although, of course, we all do, whether we remember them or not. Teaching yourself to remember your dreams can bring many benefits.

You already know that they can give you useful insights into your own subconscious mind. But did you know that dreams can help you solve problems, face fears, make decisions, find inspiration and boost your creativity? This tutorial will show you how. read more

Solved! WordPress Text Below Ad Inserter Code Disappears

If you’re trying to monetize your site, Ad Inserter for WordPress is a really handy plugin to have. However, you may discover that some of the text of your posts disappear after using it. The solution is simple, but unexpected.

It used to be that all ad code was synchronous. That is, the ad code loaded in order along with everything else on the page, one item after the other. But this can cause problems when an ad holds up the loading of your content. read more

Get an Avatar Without a Gravatar

An Avatar is a small image that you use to represent yourself online. You can use many different Avatars, but WordPress tries to force users into choosing a single Gravatar, or “globally recognized avatar”. So why wouldn’t you want to do this? read more

Beware uTorrent’s Sneaky Install Tricks

As much as I hate to admit it, uTorrent is a great piece of software. If you need Linux distros, for example, you can usually download them faster with uTorrent than with Tixati or Deluge. However, when you install uTorrent, it tries to sneak some stuff onto your system without being very upfront about it. No worries! It’s all easy to fix, if you know where to look. read more

Solution to “uTorrent Unavailable” in Firefox

The scenario: You’re a Mac user (or perhaps, Windows 7), and you use Firefox. You try to download a bittorrent file (for example, a Linux distro). Up pops a message that says, “uTorrent unavailable”, “Deluge unavailable”, or the name of whatever bittorrent client you’re using. Various forums will tell you to redo the port forwarding on your router. That can be a real hassle, and most people report that it doesn’t solve the problem. read more

Learn How To Make A Handmade Greeting Card

There’s plenty of sites that allow you to “create” your own greeting cards. They provide the digital components, and you upload a photo or two and put them together.Some kids’ sites offer cards that can be printed out and colored in. But whatever happened to handmade cardmaking? read more

Make A Valerian Toy For Your Cat. More Effective Than Catnip!

What the heck is “valerian”? It’s an herb… a very smelly one. This toy is a bag designed to hold valerian tablets. But why valerian?

Catnip is great, but only half of all cats are affected by it. Valerian has a similar calming, yet euphoric affect, but seems to affect a much higher percentage of felines. As with catnip, only cats 3 months and older will be attracted to the herb. read more

Learn How To Type

Here’s a free typing tutorial that doesn’t require plugins, downloads or registration. Still, our brief guide should be just what you need to get up to speed on a keyboard.

You’ll be placing your fingers on the keys that are colored green in the image above. First, gently rest your left pinky finger on the “A” key and your right pinky on the “:” key. Rest your other fingers (except thumbs) on the next closest keys. In other words, for your left hand, the ring finger goes on “S”, the middle finger on “D” and the forefinger on “F”. For your right hand, the ring finger rests on “L”, the middle finger on “K” and the forefinger on “J”. read more

Learn How To Juice Aloe Vera & Make Your Own Gel

Aloe vera is popular among the natural health community for a number of uses, but tends to be expensive. Why pay an arm and a leg? Aloe is easy to grow and once the leaves are big enough, you can make your own aloe vera gel for free!

Most people use aloe simply by cutting off a piece of leaf and squeezing the liquid onto their skin. This works, but it wastes the inner gel, which is the most potent part of the plant. To use the gel, you’ll need to “fillet” the leaves rather than merely squeezing them. The filleting process also reaps much more aloe gel/juice. When properly prepared and refrigerated, this final product can last a year or more! read more