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Welcome to the digital dreamscape of Heidi Allen’s virtual self. Here, you’ll find a sampling of my articles, musical musings, 1der Clothing designs, my photography and whatever other pursuits I find time to make public.

You may have stumbled across my work in the past. Perhaps you visited Knowledge Hound, the web’s first how-to directory. Or you got some tips from Responsible Consumption.com, Horizontal Nation or The Super Long Hair Blog. Or you visited a site I created for a company or non-profit.

Maybe you’ve tracked me down because you’re a fan of my music. Or as a result of my acting and voice-over career. Or you know me from selling cool things on Etsy, eBay and at markets and events.

Yeah, I know… It seems like I’m always doing multiple things at once. I can’t help it! It’s just the way I’m wired… which is exactly why I need a place like this as my online repository. I hope you find something interesting, helpful or just plain enjoyable. If I can make your day, you’ve made my day!