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Working Vacations: Short-Term Jobs, Volunteering

The Ultimate Guide To Cheap Travel, Part 7

Wouldn't it be nice if your vacation paid for itself? What you need are short-term positions. Here's where to find them:

Job Search at Resort, Summer, Overseas Jobs & Internships

Volunteer vacations (VVs) are just that... taking time off to make a positive difference in the world. Typically, lodging and some meals are provided by the coordinating organization, but transportation and other costs are covered by the volunteer. However, since these trips are for a worthy cause, you could use fundraising to cover your expenses. That's right... your trip could be free!:

Funding Your Volunteer Vacation - GoNomad

Here's some VV opportunities. (Be sure to thoroughly check out organizations and programs in advance to avoid any unpleasant surprises.):

Developing World Connections
Enkosini Eco Experience
Global Citizens Network
Global Volunteer Network
Global Volunteers International Service Network
GoNomad (search engine) - Volunteer Abroad
i to i - Volunteer & Adventure Travel
IFRE Volunteers Abroad
SunCampDR (Dominican Republic)
Volunteer Abroad - Transitions Abroad
Volunteer Travel -
Volunteer Vacations - GVI
Volunteer Vacations (a directory) -
Volunteer Vacations (search opportunities) - Volunteer Guide
Volunteer Vacations - Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation

This link is for both volunteer and short-term jobs:

Back Door Jobs

This guide is done, but you're not. With so many ways to save, it's time to get some travel under your belt!