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Some organizations, like participating local chapters of Veterans For Peace, create small scholarship awards for high school students who have displayed a committment to peace. If your group is looking for a way to help kids and the community, consider creating a scholarship award of your own. Scholarships offer the additional benefit of getting the attention of the press on a recurring basis. (Don't forget to create a press release!)

The Peace Corps has a school program that brings Corps speakers into the classroom. This can be a fascinating and educational glimpse into both another culture and the benefits of helping others.

The United States military budget is more than that of the next twenty countries combined. Our annual defense spending is nearing 1 trillion dollars annually. Each year, at least one bill is introduced in Congress to create a Department Of Peace or Peacebuilding. Currently, no government agency specifically focuses on peace, despite the lives and money that could be saved! Learn about the 2013 bill and ask your representatives to lend their support.

The Valentine Peace Project seeks to create a new focus for Valentine's Day... love for all people, demonstrated by seeking peace on Earth. To participate, write a poem for peace (or print one of the poems from the site). Make a paper flower, (tutorials are provided) or use a real flower. Then wrap the poem around the a flower's stem, tie it on with ribbon or string, and give it to a stranger who looks like they could use some cheering up. Other suggestions are available on the site.

The Peace Pals program is for kids 5-15 years of age. Adults volunteer to become the group's coordinator and lead them in arts and crafts, writing, dance and theatrical projects designed to help them think about peace in their everyday lives.

The International Kids Club Peace Page has tips for kids on what they can do at school and in their neighborhoods to spread peace and friendship. They also provide peace crafts instructions.

International World Peace Rose Gardens create gardens dedicated to world peace in public spaces. They also run two programs for kids: The Inspirational Messages Of Peace contest and the "World Peace Begins With Me" art program. All of these ideas can be implemented in your own community.

Peace Action is the largest grassroots peace organization in the United States. While most of the other activities on this page are symbolic, Peace Action members engage in direct activism, like writing to members of Congress or to newspapers, signing petitions and even turning out for demonstrations.

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The image of a white dove carrying an olive branch is an almost universal symbol of peace. The dove crafts featured at the links below are perfect for classrooms, scout troops or to make as gifts. This project can be even more meaningful if you write your personal wishes for a better world on the wings. Don't forget to save these for holiday decorations!

Large peace dove puppet instructions

Hanging paper peace dove ornament

Felt peace dove ornament

Giant peave dove puppet (PDF. Requires 3-5 people to operate.)


Sadako Sasaki was two years old when a nuclear bomb was dropped on her hometown of Hiroshima. At age twelve she was diagnosed with leukemia caused by the nuclear radiation, which led to her hospitalization. A friend visited and reminded her of a Japanese saying that a person who folds 1, 000 origami cranes is granted a wish. Her wish was to live, and she spent her remaining days folding cranes. Sadly, she eventually succumbed to leukemia, but her story has inspired millions to dedicate themselves to the cause of world peace.

To this day, children around the world fold peace cranes in Sadako's memory, and write their wishes for world peace on the crane's wings. Some use the cranes for school, church or community peace projects, while others send them to the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum for display at the Children's Peace Monument. There, their message for world peace is recorded and their cranes are displayed in the park that contains Sadako's statue. Kids can also create and share presentations and letters about their thoughts on peace here.

How to make cranes

Planet Pals crane instructions


Peace poles are four or six-sided poles that have the words "May Peace Prevail on Earth" inscribed in various languages on all sides. There are over 200, 000 peace poles standing in countries around the world. Making and dedicating a peace pole can be a community event, a school or troop event, or just a family project. You can learn more here.


Malas are essentially rosary bracelets. The tradition of using beads or stones as a prayer or meditation aid can be found in cultures around the world. Peace malas are used to symbolize and celebrate the religious diversity of the human race. Peace malas were first created by The Peace Mala Youth Project for World Peace. Here's their video to shown how the malas are made.


June 1st is Peace Tree Day. On this day, children cover a tree with symbols of peace from around the world. Additionally, they can use this event to raise money for a worthy cause. Of course, a Peace Tree can really be made at any time. You can learn more at the official Peace Tree Day website.

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