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Neo, Trinity, Morpheus, Agent Smith...

Make A Matrix Costume

Trinity, Morpheus and Neo

From left to right,
Laurence Fishburne as Morpheus,
Keanu Reeves as Neo &
Carrie-Anne Moss as Trinity.

The Matrix trilogy was not only big at the box office, but created a fashion following as well. While the costumes of 'The Matrix', 'Matrix Reloaded' and 'Matrix Revolutions' were each a bit different, the basic look remains hot. Here's how to recreate it on a variety of budgets.

the sunglasses
Matrix sunglass styles

Blinde Design was hired to create the original sunglasses used in the movie. They also made the officially licensed versions. It's very difficult to find these now, and they tend to be very expensive.

Other companies have produced their own versions. Be aware that sunglass styles changed for each movie in the Matrix trilogy. Blinde also created male and female versions of each style. For example, there's a Trinity style for men. All this means that there are numerous "accurate" Matrix sunglass styles available.

Knock-offs run the gamut in both price and accuracy. Click on the images below to see what suits your needs and budget. If you'll be wearing these sunglasses on a regular basis, it's a good idea to buy better quality. Cheap glasses are unlikely to be comfortable or to have UVA/UVB protection. The mid-range versions have both.

Neo: low cost

Neo: mid-range

Trinity: inexpensive

Trinity: mid-range

Morpheus low-cost sunglasses
Morpheus: low cost
Morpheus sunglasses
Morpheus: mid-range
agent sunglasses
Agent Smith: mid-range
Niobe sunglasses
Niobe: officially licensed?
Twins sunglasses
The Twins: low cost
Twins sunglasses
The Twins: mid-range
Seraph sunglasses
The Seraph: mid-range
Matrix sunglasses
Matrix II: mid-range
the coats

The first film's costumes were different from those in the second and third films. Furthermore, fabrics and patterns changed with the needs of each scene. In other words, you have some flexibility. We'll start with coats available for purchase and then move on to how you can make your own.

There are officially licensed versions of each character's coat ranging in price from cheap to relatively expensive. At first glance, it can be hard to tell them apart, but the difference is in the materials. If you go this route, choose your coat based on how often you'll be wearing it. You don't want it falling apart after just one or two nights out. Each includes the low-cost sunglasses shown above:

Neo coat, deluxe Neo coat, super deluxe Trinity coat, deluxe Trinity coat, super deluxe
Neo coat: mid-range Neo coat: super deluxe Trinity coat: mid-range Trinity coat: super deluxe
morpheus coat, deluxe
Morpheus coat: mid-range
Morpheus coat, super deluxe
Morpheus coat: super deluxe
Twins coat, deluxe
Twins coat: mid-range
Twins coat, super deluxe
Twins coat: super deluxe

Of course, the more money you spend, the nicer the item. If you plan to wear your coat as more than just a costume, here's some better options.


  • Baron Boutique makes screen-accurate, custom tailored Neo coats from all 3 movies, but they cost in the hundreds of dollars.
  • Here's a custom tailored lobby trench coat that's a bit more affordable.
  • A black priest's cassock is close enough to fool most people.
  • Try a tailor made Kung Fu Robe. Roll down the cuffs & get black lining.
  • Or sew your own with this pattern.


  • Custom tailored long vinyl coat and pants
  • This "vampire dress" looks very much like one of Trinity's outfits.
  • Sew your own! Search online for Simplicity pattern 5380. It includes the duster coat, a lace-up top (not screen accurate, but no-one will notice) & pants


  • Custom tailored leather trench coat that's close enough to fool most people.
  • Any long, black, leather-look trench coat. Just remove the belt and unfold the lapels flat across your chest.
  • Or sew your own with this pattern. Purists will want to use metallic gray crocodile fabric to get the right texture and sheen.

It's worth noting that you can take a good picture of any article of clothing to a tailor and get a custom-fitted replica.

And don't forget your local thrift stores. Look for ankle length black coats. Cut the collar flaps off to get a Neo 'Reloaded' look. Leave them on for a Neo lobby scene trench coat. Unfold the collar across the chest for Morpheus. Seek out shiny black raincoats for Trinity.

the shoes


  • You can buy the actual boots from Neo's lobby shootout scene, but it'll cost you $15,000.
  • Motor Cowboy makes & sells high quality replicas for around $500.
  • T.U.K. has 4-Strap Boots that will fool all but the most obsessed, and they're a lot cheaper at around $145.
  • Neo also has many scenes in the trilogy where he appears to be wearing black, patent leather Oxfords.


  • Even purists will like these Bloch Women's Fonda Knee-High Boots.
  • A less expensive option would be these Ela riding boots.
  • If you already have low-heeled, knee-high black boots, you can spray them with Rustoleum to make them shiny. However, be aware that the process is NOT reversible.


completing your look

To complete your Neo outfit, you'll need:

  • A tight, plain, long sleeved, black top
  • Black dress pants

If you want the look from the first movie, you may also want:

To complete your Trinity outfit, look for the following items in black "wet look", vinyl, latex, PVC, pleather, PU / polyurethane or patent leather:

To complete your Morpheus outfit, you'll need:

  • A classic black dress shirt
  • A mint green tie
  • A round, silver tie tack
  • For 'The Matrix', use a black suit. For 'Reloaded', use a purple vest and matching pants. Sew on white buttons. For 'Revolutions', use a 3-piece black suit.

For an Agent outfit, you'll need:

  • Sunglasses (see the sunglasses section)
  • A 3-button, black business suit. (In the first film, the suit seemed to be more of a cross between charcoal and brown.)
  • Medium width black tie
  • Silver bar tie clip
  • White dress shirt
  • Shiny black dress shoes
  • A clear earpiece with coiled cord