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Make Your Own Santa Claus Costume

Try This Easy, No-Sew Santa Suit

"Santa Suit" is a commonly used term for a Santa costume. Before we even begin this tutorial, remember that thrift stores can be your best friend. It may be worth a trip or two to see if you can find the fabric and trim you need. Don't forget to look at the belt rack. There's usually a good selection, and you can't beat the price.

If you're not handy with a needle or need a Santa suit fast, start with an extra large red sweatshirt, hoodie or sweater, and red sweatpants. Look for these second hand. Buying them new costs as much as an inexpensive Santa Suit.

Remove the cuffs and the elasticized shirt bottom. Sew or glue a strip of white faux fur up the middle of the shirt's front. You may also want to consider chenille for the trim, which is much cheaper.

Add another strip of faux fur or chenille along the shirt's bottom (replacing the elasticized material) until it meets the center strip on either side. Sew fur onto the sleeve ends to replace the cuffs.

Finally, sew or glue a strip of faux fur around the collar, bringing it down slightly in front so that the upper corners meet the center strip. This will create the illusion of a fold-over collar.

If you make or buy boot tops with "fur" trim, you won't need to alter the sweat pants at all. Just stuff them into your boot toppers. Leave them a little baggy to create the illusion of bulk.

You can make Santa's whiskers for just a few dollars. Jumbo loopy chenille has that Santa look if you stretch it out a bit. String some thin elastic to thread through it, and you'll be able to loop it over your ears. Spray your hair white with temporary hair dye.

For those of you with sewing skills, search for the classic Butterick Santa costume pattern, #6815, on Ebay. (Unfortunately, it's no longer carried in stores.)

You have plenty of fabric options, but be sure to choose something without a lot of stretch. After all, if you use a pillow to fill out Santa's belly, you don't want the fabric sagging to your knees!

Inexpensive Santa suits use poly flannel. Mid-range suits use cotton flannel, velour, fleece and even corduroy. Upper end suits tend to use velvet.

Don't forget your accessories! To complete your look, you'll need boots or boot toppers, gloves, beard, mustache, wig, hat, spectacles and maybe... a belly. Or maybe not. ;)