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Captain Jack Sparrow's Gun / Pistol

Pirates Of The Caribbean: 18th Century Flintlock Blunderbuss

This is another accessory that isn't really necessary, although we understand if you want one anyway. Just be aware that gun laws vary from state to state. Obviously, you need training and a license to use a working gun, but did you know that some states also prohibit the carrying of realistic-looking fake guns? The plastic guns in our Low Cost section below should let you work around this restriction.

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low cost

The Costumer

Buy Pirate Costumes

Nightmare Factory

Costumes Inc.

Magic Makers Costumes

Joker's Masquerade (UK only)

medium cost

There's a number of relatively inexpensive flintlock blunderbuss replicas on the market. This is the type of gun Jack uses. The replicas are "non-firing". Although they're not exact matches, few people will know the difference. You can find them at these retailers:

Replica Guns & Swords Store

Swords Of Honor

Arrow Gift Shop

Weapons Emporium

Aurora History Boutique


Captains Cove


Disney has licensed a limited edition replica of Jack's gun. It comes mounted on a plaque, but can probably be removed for use as a prop if you don't mind devaluing your investment:

The Saber Vault

Fireside Collectibles



Hot Movie Props

I Love Swords

Entertainment Earth

collectors & reenactors only

Up until this point, the guns mentioned have been non-firing. If you'd like your weapon to do double-duty as a tool for certain types of historical renactments, these will be more your speed:

Cherry's Fine Guns

Lastly, if a reproduction just won't do, and you want a working 18th century blunderbuss, dig deep into that fat wallet and click on these links:

LionGate Arms & Armour

Ken Drake's Antique Arms

Eagle Trading Company