Learn How To Juice Aloe Vera & Make Your Own Gel

Aloe vera is popular among the natural health community for a number of uses, but tends to be expensive. Why pay an arm and a leg? Aloe is easy to grow and once the leaves are big enough, you can make your own aloe vera gel for free!

Most people use aloe simply by cutting off a piece of leaf and squeezing the liquid onto their skin. This works, but it wastes the inner gel, which is the most potent part of the plant. To use the gel, you’ll need to “fillet” the leaves rather than merely squeezing them. The filleting process also reaps much more aloe gel/juice. When properly prepared and refrigerated, this final product can last a year or more!

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Learn How To Get Your Dog Or Cat To Like Car Rides

There’s nothing quite so headache inducing as listening to the non-stop, piteous cries of an unhappy dog or cat trapped in a moving vehicle.

There are three primary reasons why your pet cries. One is that the car makes scarey noises and vibrates. Two is that pets often aren’t able to see out of the window. And three is that most car rides end at the veterinarian’s office.

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Learn How To Use Cake Mascara

Does your mascara clump? Do your eyelashes stick together or become so stiff that it’s uncomfortable? Does your mascara become unuseable long before the tube runs out?

Does it look too unnatural? Do you wear fake eyelashes and want to liven them up?

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Learn How To Make A Puzzle Saver

Jigsaw puzzles are a lot of fun, but the inconvenience of taking up a whole table for days or weeks can make them less appealing. Some people turn to online puzzles to avoid this problem, but there’s a better way. It’s called a puzzle saver, and it’s fast and cheap to make. This free tutorial will guide you step by step through the process, and is appropriate for kids as well as adults.

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Learn How To Make A No-Sew Santa Suit… Fast, Easy, Cheap!

“Santa Suit” is a commonly used term for a Santa costume. Before we even begin this tutorial, remember that thrift stores can be your best friend. It may be worth a trip or two to see if you can find the fabric and trim you need. Don’t forget to look at the belt rack. There’s usually a good selection, and you can’t beat the price.

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Learn How To Choose A Gift They’ll Actually Like!

Choosing the right gift may be harder than you think. The truth is that most presents miss their mark. No-one wants their gift “re-gifted”, donated or thrown away. Whether it’s for a birthday, Christmas, Mother’s Day or some other special event, here’s how to ensure maximum satisfaction for both you and the recipient of your generosity.

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Learn How To Play Guggenheim With Just Pen & Paper

Guggenheim (pronounced “GOO gan hime”) is a word game that requires nothing more than two pencils, two sheets of paper and a timer. It’s a fun way to improve your memory, keep bored children occupied or help students study.

There are at least two ways to play Guggenheim, but we’ll focus on the more challenging method here. First, create a grid on a sheet of paper.

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Learn How To Use Gratitude To Improve Your Life

We spend just one day a year giving thanks, but we have reasons to be thankful every single day. Unfortunately, bad things tend to grab our attention and allow the good things to slip by, unnoticed. Even when we notice something good, we tend to forget about it more quickly than we do the bad things.

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