Free Calls To/From The US And Canada? Here’s How!

It’s easy for American and Canadian residents to get free phone service while traveling in other countries. The people who contact you will also get free calls. There are several options. Continue reading “Free Calls To/From The US And Canada? Here’s How!”

Mac: Schedule Automated Uploads/Syncs To Mega’s Cloud

The highest speeds and the lowest cost for uploading data usually happen in the middle of the night. If you’d like to schedule your Mega cloud syncs to happen automatically while you’re asleep or away from your computer, read on. Continue reading “Mac: Schedule Automated Uploads/Syncs To Mega’s Cloud”

How To Keep Your Mac’s Uploads & Downloads Alive

Many Mac users have have problems keeping their uploads and downloads alive when they walk away from the computer. This has been an issue since at least Mountain Lion (OS X 10.8). Since the bug only affects a small subset of users, and their setups vary, it’s been hard to track down and fix. The bug can cause both wifi and ethernet connections to be dropped. Continue reading “How To Keep Your Mac’s Uploads & Downloads Alive”

How To Make A Leela Costume (from Futurama)

Everyone’s favorite one-eyed babe, Leela, is captain of the Planet Express spaceship on the animated series ‘Futurama’. Go solo as this sexy woman with attitude, or pair up with a Fry for a great couples’ ensemble.

To make your costume, you’ll need:

Continue reading “How To Make A Leela Costume (from Futurama)”

Learn How To Help A Candidate

The hallmark of any democracy is the ability (indeed, the duty) of its citizens to choose their representatives. In recent years, pollsters and pundits have taken a good deal of that choice away from us. Don’t let elections be decided before a single vote is cast. Take charge by supporting the candidates YOU want. Continue reading “Learn How To Help A Candidate”

Fight Depression! Learn How To Cheer Yourself Up

Nearly everyone experiences depression at some point in their lives. It can manifest as anxiety, exhaustion or just feeling emotionally dead, but it’s never fun. Fight back! Follow the tips below and get your smile back.

As a warmup, spend some quality time making faces at yourself in the mirror. Continue reading “Fight Depression! Learn How To Cheer Yourself Up”

Learn How To Sing Better Instantly!

All of us have to sing at some point, even if it’s just a simple ‘Happy Birthday’. Believe it or not, you can sound better in minutes! Use these simple tips and techniques to improve your voice and your confidence. Who knows? Maybe you’ll be the next star at Karaoke night. Continue reading “Learn How To Sing Better Instantly!”

Costa Rica: Learn How To Activate Your Kölbi Phone Card + Tips

Traveling to Costa Rica? If your phone supports the Tico frequencies, you can get data, messages and local calling with just a SIM card and a pre-paid “tarjeta”. And if you sign up for Google Voice + Hangouts, you can make and receive free international calls using wifi! Continue reading “Costa Rica: Learn How To Activate Your Kölbi Phone Card + Tips”

How to Cross the Costa Rica / Panama Border at Rio Sereno

This tutorial will save you time, effort and hassle when traveling by land from Costa Rica to Panama and returning. The Rio Sereno border crossing is much, much less crowded than the Paso Canoas crossing, and it’s cheaper and easier to pass through by car. Continue reading “How to Cross the Costa Rica / Panama Border at Rio Sereno”

Learn How To Write A How-To

We see many how-tos every day. Some are written by professional writers, but most are written by people just like you. Tutorials are a way of passing on your knowledge and giving something back to the community. The tips below will help you to create instructional articles that are easy to read and understand, whether they’re on paper or online. Continue reading “Learn How To Write A How-To”